Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New weird dreams...life since my semester took over my life

I dreamed odd dreams two nights ago...and then last night as well...
Two nights ago...I was on a commuter train to school, and I HAAAD to brush my teeth in the bathroom. I went and was rushing because I knew I was close to my stop. I came out of the bathroom and there were lots of people in the car, and I notice that my designer purse is on the ground...empty, along with my camera bag(I have a digital SLR) and I was quite upset to say the least.
The people on the train pretend as though they haven't seen a thing. I ask why nobody said anything. They all respond with...it's your stuff, you should have been watching it. Or...we didn't know your name, we couldn't call you... I remember adding to that that they certainly could have said...HEY THE CAMERA! Or HEY THE PURSE! Or they could have interrupted the guy...but no one did. I look at my camera bag and realize that it ISNT empty. Whoever took my camera put a false one in the bag, made of plaster of paris and a toilet paper roll as a lens. This made me even more unhappy...I was ready to punch someones face in.
At this point, I had missed my stop because I was so busy being upset with humanity. I followed a girl who was in the train with me when she got off, since I had to get off and go back to my stop anyway. She had long curly dark hair, and was wearing a beanie. It was getting dark and cold, and she was walking towards a park with trees. I called out and asked...why didn't anyone do anything? She turned and was like...pay attention to your stuff, and I pay attention to mine.

Another dream that haunts me....
I was back in High School, though not the one I attended...neither the californian one nor the French one. I met a boy with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. He seemed like any american kid for the first few minutes, then he stumbled over what he was saying, and I noticed his accent.
He told me he was sorry for his bad english, he was an exchange student from an arab country. I was excited, and I said "OH REALLY??? Adrooss alloorat alarabiyaa! I study arabic!" And he laughed and was really interested to find an american who was learning arabic "just cause." He started teaching me bad words. The school bell rang, and we went our seperate ways...I saw him walking down the hallway.
I turned and went through a doorway into a spiral staircase. I remembered the recent rumors of sacrifices and people disappearing, and suddenly felt very ill at ease. As I descend, there are red robes, like capes, and red slippers along the stairwell. I hear and see no one. I get to the bottom, and there is a table. Near the table are scalpels and needles and lots of vials of liquids...clear...and blood...
I see a girl hunched in a corner, rocking back and forth. I decide to leave. IMMEDIATELY. Across from the doorway I just came through, there is another doorway that leads to another spiral stairwell. I start climbing up, but bodies of people with slit throats start falling down the stairs towards me. I go back to the little room, and start up the staircase I used to get into the room in the first place. I hear footsteps. I go back into the little room, and everything starts to explode. The vials of blood start exploding, as do the other vials.

I don't remember anything else. Everything is black.

I remember next being on the surface. Everyone is walking around a field. We are looking for pools of water that are between 4 and 7 feet across. They are apparently quite deep. They go at least as deep as the subterranean room I was in before. We are looking for bodies, but we are finding pieces. Finally we find a girl. (for some reason it's one of the characters from a TV show I watched during middle school) I run into a few boys that are talking about the arab guy. Saying that they haven't seen him since before things went crazy. I walk over and say something about how I had met him earlier in the day, and that he seemed really interesting. The boys...both were taller than I, and one was wearing a baseball cap turned backwards. If I remember correctly, it was he that spoke...
He got a smirk on his face and asked me why the arab was so important...then turns to his friend and says see...girls only want to talk to guys for ONE REASON.
I turn away pretty pissed off...I had just been happy to connect with someone so well...and now we are all looking for bodies.

other news:
my grades.
first semester of college.
working two part-time jobs.
tutoring once a week.
17 units.
a friend visiting from a foreign country during my final exam week.
I can't believe it.

Scholarship through my University is TAKING ME TO AUSTRIA FOR A WEEK THIS SUMMER! I get free airplane ticket to Europe basically. I have some work to do for the university upon return obviously...

I have had a friend from last years adventure in France visiting for the past three weeks. She leaves early in the morning on the 1st of the year.
She is much more active of a person than I, and I feel like I've done more in the past few weeks than I have done in a long time. A Sharks hockey match, San Francisco for a day, Los Banos hunting with my dad, the Sierra Nevadas, hiking in local state and county parks, the beach, Santa Cruz...etc...
ALOT of amazing pics taken.

New years resolutions...
1. Spend less time on Facebook.
2. Spend more time exercising.