Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dreaming of strange places and things again

There was no beginning. I wanted to go to my grandmother in Arizona for a visit(which I will be doing in a week or so in reality) But first, my family and I were going to my grandparents in the mountains near our home. My dad was going to make Japeno(spelling? Its a shellfish soup with tomato...) which I do not like much. We went, and he was making it, and I asked him if had remembered to buy mussels because I really wanted to try making mussels with a cream sauce. He said yes, he had. We opened the box, and they smelled terrible, so he told me I should cut up some pieces of this red meat and put them in there to absorb the smell. (?!?!?!)

I then turned and decided to go to the pool with my sister. I figured this would be more interesting. At my grandparents, we don't have a pool, we have a dammed up creek. But in the dream there was a pool. The bottom was rocky, like a creek, but it was in the ground, in a defined space. I was there with my younger sister, and other people started showing up. Notably my friend Catie, who was swimming around in the pool like a little frog. I wasn't swimming, just watching my sister and Catie, because I was confused as to how she got to my grandparents from Buffalo, NY.

I kept looking out into the distance, and I could see the ocean from the pool. Which is very odd. My grandparents definitely do not live near the ocean. They live further than I do, and I live at least 45 minutes from any beach. When I would look back at the pool, the water level would go down every time...

My sister decided she wanted to go do a tennis lesson, but since it was raining(which it hadn't been while we were at the pool...) the lesson was to be held indoors. She and many other girls of various ages were lined up inside, and they were just doing drills because they couldn't actually play. I saw a cabinet on the far side, that intrigued me. I went over to it, around all the girls, around the perimeter of the room(a gym?) and got to the cabinet. It had a lot of drawers, and upon opening them, I found snacks with labels that said things like "enjoy!" with smiley faces. In one drawer there was coffee, but if you didn't pull out the drawer underneath the coffee would spill everywhere. The drawer underneath had a cup in it. I spilled coffee everywhere the first time I opened the drawer.

Then My sister and I were back at the pool. There was no water left at all. On the far side of the pool there was a bookcase with antiques in it. My mom was going through them, looking to see if there was anything worth keeping in it. The first thing I noticed was a pair of doeskin moccasins that were ankle-highs. I loved them, they were still soft...but they were TINY, for someone with very small feet, and my mom had to talk me out of keeping them. Then there were old photographs and china and many other things.

The last thing I remember was walking on the beach, ahead of two people holding hands. I was walking with some sort of walking stick, digging at things in the sand, and the people behind me were with me, but I was distracting myself from them...

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  1. It's amazing the details you are able to remember! Wow!

    That's one freaky dream, I must say. One wonders about the symbolism of the draining water.