Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dream Oct 22

I was in that place....the place where that is dark, but illuminated with a light that comes from nowhere. I've been there before in walk down the stairs, counting down as you go into the deeper parts of your consciousness. Sometimes someone waits for me there. Last night no one was there. The ground I was on was glassy, and frozen over. I tried to melt the thin layer of ice on the floor with my hands. It would melt, then freeze back over. As my hands got colder and colder, my attempts became more and more fruitless. The ice stopped melting under my cold fingers. I started to try to scratch the ice off, but the scrapings would melt back into place, covering the ground.

Never before have I noticed any ground in the place(It is nameless, formless, is simply That Place). It was there, but never seen. There was always something invisible, intangible holding up the scene, holding me up, holding up whatever is present. Never has the ground been so important. It always just was, had always been, always would be.

Why is the ground freezing over? What has changed?

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