Saturday, October 25, 2008

My recent dreams...

I should preface this with the statement that my dreams are often long and complex, and I manage to remember them fairly well on a surprisingly regular basis. (Depending on how much sleep I get and whether or not an alarm wakes me up)

The most recent things I can think of then:

1) Yesterday I was going through my closet looking for shoes, when I pushed a long floor length orange dress from the 1970's that I must have gotten at a thrift shop at some point out of the way. When I touched the dress, a dream that I had forgotten from the night before flooded back into my mind:

I had just gotten home, and my family was having a garage sale. My boyfriend (I don't have one in reality just now...) had put my orange dress on a mannequin and was trying to sell it at the yard sale. I was FURIOUS!

2) I dreamed I was going to a party (tonight's party perhaps?) and I was running late. I somehow ended up in Santa Cruz instead of in San Jose, and then got stuck in traffic. I got out of the car, picked it up and put it on the other side of the road, facing the other direction. I got in the passenger side, stuck one foot out the window, and was driving from that side of the car over highway 152. Not a good idea in general, terrible idea on this highway. Curvy windy roads going up then down a mountain...I was stressing out!

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