Monday, February 9, 2009

Of Kings and Queens and Unseen Things

Dream, yet again: I was on the grounds of a palace, with a brother and sister of mine. We weren’t royalty, but we seemed to be important to the royal family somehow. The oldest of their daughters was darkhaied, with rosy cheeks and full lips, her name was….Lola?
We were walking on a large lawn, the size of a soccer field, that was surrounded by a pool of clear water. There were liveried servants milling about, though they were discreet and I didn’t know what they were doing. Suddnely the word came that visitors were coming, and the servants did a quick wardrobe change on all of us. Lola was wearing a pink gown…but I remember struggling with the word, wanting to say gown, but then having to change it to robe(French for dress). I was wearing a blue dress. It was faaar too frilly for my taste, but I had little choice in the matter, as the “guests” were already arriving.
The King and Queen came first, and we were to walk towards the in pairs, each girl with a guy.
I remember we made it to the other end of the field, which was shaded by trees, and stopped at the waters edge. I pretended like I was going to jump across, but did not because it would have been too far, and I would have fallen in.
Then next thing I remember, we were all in the water. We must have changed clothes, because I don’t remember feeling weighted down by a gown. I did begin to feel panicky and swam to the edge of the pool, clinging to the side. Lola wasn’t sharing my anxiety, swimming circles around me. In the corner of the pool, I remember she went under and I could hear her humming some march that was played for Queens, and she came up for air saying….”I can’t wait”
Then, as I said…guests were arriving.
The “guests” were a fearsome looking bunch. They had very strange faces and bodies, and were wearing black leather, had strange piercings and tattoos. They looked like trouble. We all went inside, changing clothes again. I must have had on a pair of trousers…from what I remember later on in the dream…
We were in a room with the royal family, and then the “guests” came in and went to shut the door, I didn’t like this, and I got up and went towards the door saying…I really need to use the toilet, please let me use the toilet. The leader of that bunch said, “Nobody will go to the toilet. Nobody will be leaving.”
I went and sat back down.
One of the bunch was very odd. His head was shaped a bit like that of a toad. He had eyes on top of his head, bulging, and then another pair of eyes directly behind the first set, as well as an eye on either side of his head, near his ears. It was unsettling because no matter how he turned his head, he was staring at you. I don’t know how his brain rocessed all this information, as he didn’t seem that bright. Another looked a bit like a boar. He had green bristly hair on top of his head, a piercing through his nose, and then he had a long…snout.
One of them apparently wanted Lola and her sister for wives or slaves. Whatever these brutes were into. I rushed over to the King who was seated and didn’t know quite what to do. I hugged him and whispered in his ear that My siblings and myself would never let anything happen to Lola or her sister or any of the royal family.
I backed off.
“I can get you something even more wonderful.”
“And what would that be?” Answered the leader.
“There is a great treasure, and I can lead you to it.”
I described it to him in detail, though it didn’t exist. I then told him to get to it, he would have to go below the castle, and through some very tricky manouevers. He told me that my brother would have to go with them.
So my brother (who was definitely not my brother from real life…) went with two of the uglies down to the dungeons. They accidentally unleashed a fairy spirit from behind a dungeon wall. The name that my brother gave her was Coraline, but I knew that rang false. She has another name.
He got upstairs, and told everyone to check all their documents that were handwritten. Her favorite thing was to erase signatures or handwritten notes. She also would hide things or turn them upside down.
I went to my room and found that all my letters from france were erased.
I wanted to scream, but couldn’t.

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  1. what so you havent had any dreams about me recently??
    i love ya lots jessy lammers
    and i too have been having very vivd dreams lately, so vivid im convinced they are real.
    im convinced its because i eat cheese before i go to sleep.