Friday, February 13, 2009

which planet includes my ex and a space station?

I walked in the front door at my EX's parents house, somewhere I spent a lot of time when we were high school...

The first room you hit is the living-room, and it was a Christmas morning scenario. The family was sitting around on the couches, opening gifts. I watched from back further, near the door, as a fly on the wall. Jill, the mom, had a water bottle that was painted and she had filled it with very fine glitter, which she was spraying around. Something very special had happened.

My EX, was there with his baby-momma(BM), and she was a bit weepy. He had given her a very nice ring. And Jill (the EX's mom) was spraying the glitter like there was no tomorrow. I moved in to say hello, and the BM stopped and glared at me, and I said something about being sorry I had intruded once before, but really now all I wanted was to say hi to Jill. The BM like cracked, smiled, then said she was sorry too, and that she was glad I had come.

We did one of those really kinda awkward hugs....and I remember one of my arms was REALLY in an awkward position. I couldn't bend it.

Then we sat down, she and I next to each other on the floor, my EX and his mom on the couch. That's when I saw the ring up close. It was the kind of ring he always wanted to buy, and the kind I never would have accepted. Any guy that buys me a ring like that doesn't know me. In any case, she opened her next gift which was "Rattlesnake eggs" know...those magnets that you toss in the air separately, but near enough each other that they get pulled together and make a rattlesnake noise.....look them up if you haven't a clue as to what I mean. And I laughed and made a peace sign with my fingers, then put it in front of my mouth, like a snakes forked tongue. Then made hissing noises, and the BM got really pissed, and then my EX said, oh come on, she's kidding around, you both can be pretty bitchy.

So then I watched Jill squirt more glitter. I was getting tired of the glitter.

I got up and left....

Next thing I remember, I'm discussing something important with a captain of some sort. We are talking about something very important. I remember I am wearing a short pink dress, fifties style button down, but a bit short for the fifties. Then all of a sudden we get word someone has infiltrated?

The captain I am speaking with pulls out a gun, and points it through the vent on the floor.

I see from another prospective, the prospective of the robot or thing that has gotten inside, and I see more and more gun point sticking out of the vent. I can see the gun-holders eyes in the barrels. They collect and collect and finally someone gives the word to fire, and they do, but then the robot or starts picking them off...and then tears through the lower level of our station ship or whatever the hell we are on.

People start getting in their personal ships, evacuating trying to get home to earth before being taken out by the rampaging robot. A lot of people get out...The captain and a few others and myself are supposed to remain on board as long as possible. I go to check on our quarters, which happen to eject as is and become a rather comfortable ship. I go in and count the bed space we have, and our capacity, in case we need to bring anyone with us.

I look in one of the rooms near by ours. Its my EX and his BM, the baby and his family. They are clueless as to what is going on. I talk to the captain, I tell him there is a baby with the family. He says there is no way we can fit 8 more people in our ship to get back. I keep stressing...but they have a baby, but they have a baby......

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