Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Planet. On Love.

I have more fuzzy memories of this one...

I was with my family on a camping trip, and I could feel that I was waiting for someone to arrive. A tall guy showed up. His name was Landon or Langdon or Landron or something like that. Tall and blonde. Quiet.

He and I got to talking, though mostly he was talking to my family. I was impatient for something.

We walked off, talking, and I remember feeling forced, a bit uncomfortable talking to him.

We were suddenly somewhere like Earth, but definitely not Earth. There was a shop and before we went in, and L. was trying to explain it to me. It was some sort of government building. Like the DMV. Except it was to register and/or change official skin color. I was shocked, but he said that if I was planning on living here, as I had apparently indicated, I would need to change my skin color from Earthling to something else. At first I was a bit excited, but then I looked at him and realized he was White Earthling color too. I was puzzled, but we were already inside, and I couldn't ask any silly questions about it before getting my color changed. If the officials heard me there would be problems. I tried talking to him in French, but he glared and said that wasn't spoken here, and he didn't understand anyway. English only.

So then we are waiting in line and I look around, trying to get a good idea of what really is going on. There is a young couple ahead of me, and the young man is holding a baby. The baby is TEAL. It was crying. They got to the counter, and I thought that surely they were going to CHANGE the baby's color, but no, they seemed very proud they had produced this blue being, and were registering it's color.

L. and I are holding hands. Not sure how that happened. In the dream I liked it. Now in hindsight, as a concious person, I'm not sure what the hell I was doing.

My turn came around, and L. asked the lady at the high desk for HROOF color for my skin. And she looked over her spectacles at me and said, "that might be a little dark for" I said, "OH! I don't want to be TOO dark!" Then she pulls out lighter shades of the skin colors. They come in blocks that look like cheese or clay. L. says no to all of these. Then he asks about another color, which I don't hear, and out comes a block that looks JUST LIKE CHEDDAR CHEESE. She said something like EXCELLENT choice. I looked at them both, then at L, and was like "NOOOOO uh-uhhhhhh!!!!!"

He said something to the effect of "Well it's MY official skin color."

I looked at him. There was NO WAY. He was paler than I am, and that says something.

But as we were looking at eachother, something gave, and he picked one of the lighter tones, closer to what he had been calling "Earthling color"
and I was happy and he was happy, and we held hands and were cute.

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