Monday, November 17, 2008


I like to wander in and out of the buildings on campus. The old natural sciences building has tall ceilings and dancers glide through it's halls. I slink against the wall. Someone was laying face-down on the Tower lawn today. I hope he was just sleeping, like I thought.
I should really write that two page, double spaced french paper for tomorrow, but I think it can wait until the last minute. Like every other paper I have written for the class.
I walk around and see someone else that walks where they can avoid the majority of the cracks. But I don't say "hello, I avoid the cracks too!" because he doesn't look like someone I would talk to. So many faces pass me, speaking so many languages. Every stranger is just a friend we have not yet met. I remember hearing that somewhere. There are so many people that I will never know. So many people I pass on a daily basis that are not part of my life except as the person I pass everyday on my way to class. Why can't we touch each other?
I miss the affection in good strong friendship. The true affection.
I miss hugs that mean something and french bisous.
I feel lost in such a large place...but I still know who I am...even when I don't feel sure of myself.
I am tired of living at home, but I have nowhere else to go.
I am tired of being a child, when I am long past due for a rebellion.
I need to go sit by my favorite fountain soon.

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  1. I'm touched by this post. I've experienced much the same you did, and it left me the same way every time.

    Americans aren't very affectionate creatures, as a rule. Problem is, I am. So my life has largely been one of angst, wishing that we as a society were more open, more honest, more affectionate, more real with each other.

    It's good to know there's a kindred spirit out there somewhere.